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I'm Cloud Lei, the founder of Yesper. I am also an amateur racer. I enjoy the thrill of speeding on the track when I drive a modified car. I also love driving the car to chasing the sunset with my wife. We are passionate about traveling, and before each trip, we always prepare a list of necessary items in advance for emergencies. However, we often forget to bring our vehicle gear, such as the Emergency Jump Starter or the portable power station we use for camping. Perhaps these items are not so important in our subconscious minds. It wasn't until we experienced several instances where our car wouldn't start and our phone was about to die that my wife expressed her frustration. That's when I realized the importance of having emergency equipment. This realization strengthened my determination to create the most powerful and practical portable emergency equipment. I hope that in the future, we will encounter such situations again, and my wife will say "yes" instead of feeling desperate. That's why I firmly believe in turning this "D" into a "Y," and that's why I created YESPER! YESPER, the Emergency Jump Starter, and the portable power station can meet all your emergency needs. Not only can it jump-start your vehicle during emergencies, but it also provides a reliable source of outdoor electricity, ensuring that your car is always in the best condition. When you unfortunately encounter various car problems during your journey, simply take out your YESPER!
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yesper 99C 24V car battery booster 6000A peak current 42000mAh lifepo4 battery jump starter with power bank
$112.60 - $179.40 / piece    |    10 pieces
Yesper X1 model Multifunctional12V/24V jumpstarter all diesel car emergency battery jump starter
$129.00 - $169.00 / piece    |    2 pieces
Yesper Armor model new design 12v Automobile Charger Emergency Supply Mobile Power Bank Portable Car Battery Jump Starter
$59.90 - $89.90 / piece    |    2 pieces
Yesper Speed 2160 Jump Starter 12v 16000mAh High Power Car Jump Starter Power Bank Multi Function Portable Car Starter
$45.90 - $59.90 / piece    |    10 pieces
yesper 12V 27000mAh Car Jump Starter Power Bank Portable Power Bank Auto Jumper Engine Car Emergency Battery
$88.30 - $96.40 / piece    |    10 pieces